Galapagos Invasive Species Control Fund GISCF (FEIG)

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Achievements 2021-2022

Around twelve projects financed with FEIG resources, including multi-year, annual and small initiatives, currently being implemented by the beneficiary and co-executing entities, and fulfilling their established objectives, among the main ones:

  • Project seeking a biological controller for the invasive blackberry in Galapagos (DPNG/Charles Darwin Foundation).
  • Project seeking a biological controller for the “vampire fly” of birds in Galapagos (DPNG / Charles Darwin Foundation).
  • An agreement framework was signed between the Ministry of Education and the co-executing entity of the Education for Sustainability Project: Invasive Species. The project allows the development of a participatory process to establish the guidelines for the curricular contextualization in Galapagos.
  • Projects focused on the control of invasive species in rural and agricultural, and live-stock production areas. Training processes have begun in San Cristóbal through the Participatory Action Research and learning model (PAR), focused on the management of Invasive Species (IS) – Pests and agrochemicals reduction, aimed at farmers and technicians based on knowledge from multi-actor dialogues. A mixed nursery has been installed in the “Santa Mónica” demonstration farm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, for the reproduction and provision of agroforestry species allowed for agricultural use in San Cristóbal as an incentive mechanism for the comprehensive management of IS-Pests and the use of abandoned agricultural land.