Galapagos Invasive Species Control Fund GISCF (FEIG)

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At the beginning of 1997, the Invasive Species Project GEF was developed to eradicate rodents and goats on Isabela Island. The project was executed by UNDP, lasting over 9 years, and ending in 2006. It showed partial results in the eradication of certain species. One of the main challenges of this project was its financial sustainability, leading to one of the main components to focus on this problem.

In 2007, UNESCO declared Galapagos Heritage at Risk, leading to the development of the Total Control Plan. This document studied the public policy before the plenary session of the Council of the National Galapagos Institute INGALA, where a group of scientists and financial analysts met to determine the activities to be followed in the invasive species management policy. As a result, in the same year, a tripartite cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of the Environment, the National Environmental Fund NEF (now FIAS) and the United Nations Development Program, giving place for the creation of the Galapagos Invasive Species Control Fund GISCF (FEIG).